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Project implemented in 2014

The project is based on interdisciplinary research in the fields of shipbuilding and electrical engineering / computing which will integrate research into autonomous unmanned vessels and research on smart environment technologies. The research is focused on underwater vessels, sailboats and sailboats, whose development has accelerated considerably over the last decade, and their significant commercialization is expected. The aim is to develop and build an autonomous diving sailing power-efficient propulsion system equipped with an advanced system for determining position in the surrounding terrain. The advanced positioning system development will include a set of position-based research using acoustic sensors, radio waves, inertial sensors, and recognition of objects in the image. Connecting the sensor system and the propulsion system will be accomplished by creating an algorithm that will, based on data read by sensors, be managed by a diver. The diving school will be designed for work in the inland waters of the Adriatic Sea, at depths of up to 500m, and energy efficiency of propulsion will include a series of researches, from low hull resistance to the ability to use energy from the environment. In the first year, the hull and propulsion system are planned. The hull material is a carbon composite, and the propulsion system consists of an energy source (battery), actuator / motor, and a swivel thruster with a swivel thrust. Propeller models are made on a 3D printer. The goal is to create a digital terrain model and computer simulation of positioning systems in the first year. For real determination of position in the underwater environment, possibilities for algorithms and technologies developed for smart environments including acoustic sensors, radio waves, inertial sensors and cameras will be explored.

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